Na’Vi is the first team to proceed to the Grand Finals at EPICENTER 2018

Entering into the semifinals, few individuals anticipated Avangar to set up such a solid efficiency versus Natus Vincere. After completely beating Hellraisers in the quarterfinals, Avangar had actually currently protected a couple of followers in the group.

The maps in this semifinal were:

Avangar selected Dust 2
Natus Vincere chose Train
The 3rd map was Train
The very first map Dust 2.
Avangar grabbed Dust 2 as their map of selection. The option was quite basic considering that they wished to play to their convenience and also not a calculated map bet the similarity Zeus as well as Edward. The map began with an extremely leading Na’Vi protecting the very first 4 rounds of the video game. This was totally based upon ability along with exceptional weapons by the CIS group.

Avangar had a really sluggish begin to Dust 2, once they began winning a couple of rounds, their harmony appeared. They were effective in dividing S1mple as well as utilizing their positioning and also map visibility to begin winning rounds. They were excellent at the B split usually perplexing the Na’Vi gamers by including an A split making use of B smokes.

There were numerous events when Avangar had the ability to win rounds in spite of going to a guy drawback. This verifies their exceptional strategies in addition to technique, their mid-round phone calls were actually great.

The 2nd fifty percent began with both groups protecting 3 rounds each. Nonetheless, as Na’Vi commonly play, they won a force-buy round versus Avangar. This was a significant loss to Avangar, that on their CT side was strapped for money. At some point, Na’Vi won the map with a 16-11 scoreline.

Map 2: Train
The 2nd map was Train, a staple Na’Vi map choice. The group has actually looked very leading on this map virtually comparable to that of Astralis Nuke. Nevertheless, Avangar is not truly a weak group when it involves their goal in addition to method. They set up an excellent battle versus Na’Vi on Train on both sides of the map.

Avangar won the handgun round after a pacify safeguarding a terrific begin for the group. Both groups traded rounds with each other up until Na’Vi began managing at the actual end. They had the ability to obtain the mild benefit entering into the 2nd fifty percent. Regardless of S1mple going remarkable with 32 frags on a private degree, Avangar had the ability to present a fantastic efficiency.

The Avangar group had the ability to lock up the video game at 11-11 when they once more shed to an eco round.The group requires to clean their anti-ecos which have perhaps cost them an area in the Grand Finals of the competition. Regardless of this, we still did reach see James on an outrageous 1v3 circumstance. He crosses the map carrying out numerous 1v1s and also winning them all. The tactical element of his gameplay was actually a reward to see.

With this win, Na’Vi relocations forth to the Grand Finals. They will certainly take on versus the champion of Faze Clan and also Team Liquid.

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